Am 11. Oktober wird der niederländische Fotograf Gordon Meuleman und den Teilnehmern unseres Olympus Streetart Photowalks auf die Suche nach spannenden Motiven für ausgefallene Streetfotografie begeben. Was für Tipps er für Streetfotografen hat und worauf sich die Teilnehmer bei seinem Streetart Photowalk freuen dürfen, erfahrt ihr in unserem Interview.


Hi Gordon, some of our customers will probably know you from the Olympus Playground already, as one of the displaying artists. How did you start of with photography?


As a young kid I was fascinated with imagery, this would translate in any form, painting, drawing and of course photography etc but it wasn't until my early twenties that I found true passion for photography on the streets. Becoming a photographer in some sense was never the plan, but through sharing my work, I amassed a small following both on and offline, and a few years later I was lucky enough to have been able to quit my day-job and live from my photography and art.






What do you find special about street photography?


In the core, and in the way I think streetphotography should work, it is the most honest form of photography in existence. Even in journalistic photography it is almost impossible to not have the photographers opinion infused in the image, with streetphotography I do not judge my subjects, I use them as a mirror to reflect on the people that finally view my photography. Using this medium as a mirror to my viewers, creates a magical moment where, through exhibiting, I learn more about my viewers than the people viewed on my imagery.





What do you think is one of the biggest challenges in street photography?


To stop thinking and start shooting. It doesn't matter if it's your first day or you have 10 years experience, the first shot of the day is always the hardest.





What is your favorite camera and lenses when you go shooting on the street?


Olympus OM-D EM1 mk2 + 17mm f/1.2. For streetphotography I strongly recommend working with a system camera. The "cute" exterior is so much less intimidating on the streets than the DSLR's, which keeps your subject more easily in the natural state and moment. My love for the 17mm is because it feels like the closest thing to the way our own eye views the world. You can almost step in to the image and relive that moment like you were there. With longer lenses, you also increase the distance between your subject and viewer.





This year you will be our guest together with Olympus at the FOTOTAGE 2018 and the Berlin Photo Week and teach workshops on Thursday and Friday. What can the participants expect to learn in your workshops?


We will be going all of my tips and tricks amassed over the last ten years on the streets. These consist of technical photography tips, but also tricks and ways to play with your subjects. How to react when approached by someone you've just shot. But also what to do and where to go after you've taken and edited your shots.





What simple, but effective tip do you have for our readers to improve their street photography?


Learn the camera inside-out, make it an extension of yourself. And also challenge yourself. Make photography as hard as possible for yourself. This is an extremely frustrating approach to photography, because you will start missing a lot of shots, but your learning curve will shoot up very fast. Never shoot on auto again.


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